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Turbo-charge your volumetric video with Notch

For the past few months we have been working together with the Notch team to turbo-charge your Volumetric Video production. Starting today you are able to easily import EF [...]

How to Stream live volumetric video into VR ?

Volumetric video live streaming is available to everyone using EF EVE ™ Volcapp application. It is becoming increasingly popular and you can hear more and more people [...]

DIY Volumetric capture with Azure Kinect or Intel Realsense

DIY Volumetric Capture using off the shelf sensors Making volumetric capture can be an easy job if you have the right tools.The time when you have to [...]

How to capture volumetric video?

Volumetric capture: what you will need. You probably seen many images of big volumetric video studio and it made you thing that it is impossible to do [...]

EFEVE Volumetric Video Workflow VOL.1: capture, editing, export and distribution.

EFEVE VOL.1 is a screen-recorded guide showing a complete volumetric content workflow of Liepa short volumetric video. Volumetric Video:… Volumetric Capture camera: 4x Kinect Azure… Position: Cameras are [...]

Volumetric Capture with Azure Kinect vs Kinect V2

Which sensors to use for Volumetric capture? Azure Kinect or Kinect v2. The thing all computer vision and volumetric capture specialists were waiting for in 2019 was [...]

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