EFEVE Volumetric Video Workflow VOL.1: capture, editing, export and distribution.

EFEVE Volumetric Video Workflow VOL.1
EFEVE VOL.1 is a screen-recorded guide showing a complete volumetric content workflow of Liepa short volumetric video. Volumetric Video: https://ef-eve.com/platform/holograms… Volumetric Capture camera: 4x Kinect Azure https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/ser… Position: Cameras are facing body in 90 degrees angle from each other. Create capture software: EF EVE™ Volcapp + EF EVE™ Creator for editing and export: https://ef-eve.com/volumetric-capture/ Software settings: Volumetric capture using HD quality with Wide FOV, running at 15fps EF EVE™ Creator: exported as watertight decimated mesh in PLY gltf format. EFEVE Volumetric Video Workflow VOL.1 Start capturing volumetric video on your own with a monthly subscription: https://ef-eve.com/platform/volumetric-p EF EVE™ Platform: additional post-processing was done to adjust the colors. Also environment, floor and camera angle were set.

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