How to capture volumetric video?

capture volumetric video

Volumetric capture: what you will need.

You probably seen many images of big volumetric video studio and it made you thing that it is impossible to do it yourself. You are wrong.  Also, your are wrong that it requires a lot of  expensive hardware. Here you will find information on how to make your own volumetric capture studio.How to capture volumetric video? In short, you will need 1-4 sensors, 1-4 extension cables, light stands for each of the sensors and a 1 or 2 PCs. Most importantly you will need a software – EF EVE ™.

Set up for under $1000.

First of all it is important to check how powerful is your PC. You can get away with less power but we would recommend WINDOWS 10 operating system, CPU is Intel® Core™ i9 – 3.0 GHz or higher, 16GB RAM, SSD, NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1080 series or better. This will give you the best results for volumetric capture.

Than you need to get your hands on 2 sensors. You can choose from Azure Kinect, Kinect version 2 or Intel RealSense.  If you go for the newest Azure Kinect than we recommend getting two 5 metre length extension cables as Azure originally comes with 1.5 metre cable and usually thats not enough. We found that these particular one work great: link.  In regards to cables you will also need 2 regular US power extensions at least 5meters long for the

Most likely you will be doing a volumetric capture of a person and as we are quite tall species you will need to lift you sensors higher. We recommend doing it by using two light stands like these: link. Also add 2  clamp ball-head mount –  link and 2 screw ball-head mount – link And the last thing you need is one cardboard box( for multi-marker calibration) –  link

Four Azure set up for volumetric video capture.

Easy to use software

Most of these items you already have at home or in your office. Now you know and it all should come under $1000. You are ready to have your own volumetric capture studio. The last thing you will need is EF EVE ™ subscription. The Business subscription comes with automatic calibration which gives precision and saves a lot of time. If you are looking for realistic volumetric capture than you should go for this one. Pro subscription does have manual calibration. Therefore if you don’t need very realistic image and will use VFX it might be a good choice too. You can have a look at our Creator app which comes with VFX for volumetric capture as well as .OBJ and .PLY export.If you want to use more sensors and build bigger volumetric capture studio just get in touch and we will let you know how it is done:

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