We are here to help you with taking volumetric videos from our software and using them in whichever environment you wish to work in. Thus here you'll find some of the most common platforms that you might wish to bring your volumetric videos into and instructions for how to do so.


Import your volumetric videos into Unity - one of the most widely used game engine.

With our custom made Unity Package you can easily import your volumetric videos into a Unity project, control the pointclouds using VFX Graph and meshes with shaders and materials. Provided support for in-engine control of playback features as well as functions for controlling it all through code.

Unreal Engine

Import your textured volumetric videos into Unreal for a smooth experience within your Unreal Projects.

Have your volumetric video within an Unreal project within minutes with out pre-made unreal project featuring a simple script for controlling the playback of the video. With just a couple of simple to follow steps you'll have the video imported and able to control it to the fullest using other Unreal features.


For those wishing to work on your volumetric videos within Maya, with a simple script you'll be able to do just that.

There is a simple community made script that allows for importing a sequence of .obj files into Maya as a single animated object which you can then modify further with the full set of features from Maya.


Use our volumetric videos within Notch - a great motion graphics and real time VFX software.

Notch is the first tool that enables you to create both interactive and high quality video content in one unified real-time environment and we provide a simple to follow guide to integrate our volumetric video within Notch

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