Volumetric Video for professionals

Record, edit, export and publish your volumetric videos with the best in class EFEVE™ Volumetric Capture.

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    European Union funds Grant $815 000 for technology development project.
    Was nominated by European Commission HORIZON 2020 for Seal of Excellence three times.

    Many chooses EF EVE™ tools as #1 choice to handle their volumetric video workflows.

    From advertising agencies to enterprises and leading universities.

    Leading enterprises

    World's largest universities

    …and hundreds more of happy customers!

    Everything you need to boost your volumetric video workflow.

    Take volumetric video production to the next level with enhanced Azure Kinect capabilities and time saving features built for complex creative challenges.

    Azure Kinect support

    Connect up to 10 Azure Kinect cameras for volumetric video capture. Advanced pointcloud distance correction with many dedicated features.

    Studio: record and edit at once

    We listened to what our customers need most and early this year released single application architecture with both Volcapp and Creator applications to enhance user experience.

    Single PC or multiple PC’s

    Network feature enables user to use a single workstation for max performance. Or utilize a network of lower specs computers for low cost setup.

    UNITY and Unreal Engine support

    Use the development environment your know. Take our SDK and project samples for a fast start.

    Multi-Camera calibration in minutes

    State of the art calibration features enables to setup multiple 3D cameras in minutes.

    Export in OBJ; PLY; GLTF; JPEG

    Export in industry standard formats. Move your content between applications. Choose the workflow you know.

    Depth Codec for 3D-Video Recording and Streaming Applications

    (Patent No.: US 10,827,161 B2)

    The invention provides a codec for depth compression and decompression in 3D-video streaming, recording and visualization applications. The codec comprises a step of dynamic depth interlacing at pixel level, according to the detected movements.

    Do You Have Questions?

    A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how it works.

    What hardware do I need for 10x camera setup?

    Intel i9 with at least 16 core (32 threads); NVIDIA RTX A2000 (recommended: NVIDIA RTX A4000) graphic card; 128RAM; 2x USB PCI Card Renesas 5Gbps 4x ports

    How long does it take to set up volumetric capture?

    Due to our fully automated calibration process it takes just a few minutes to setup all your cameras in a single 3D space.

    What formats can I export?

    We support all of the major formats for 2D and 3D, web and VR/AR,  projects : .OBJ; .PLY; glTF. Also we enable to export JPEG sequences of images for versatile processing options.

    Can I integrate volumetric capture into other creative programs?

    EF EVE has many partnerships with other creative software companies. You can easily integrate your volumetric videos into Unity, Unreal Engine, TouchDesigner, Notch and other major programs.