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Trim and edit your volumetric videos fast. Export to standard formats and connect the tools you already know.

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EF EVE™ Creator features

The most powerful volumetric video editing toolkit in one place. We developed features that are necessary to polish your before exporting. All tools are here to improve the quality of your volumetric recordings.


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Apply variety of Volumetric Video Post-Processing Filters

Volumetric raw data as a rule comes with pointcloud noise, visual artifacts and depth inaccuracies. Also when connecting multiple cameras the end result depends completely on how well they are calibrated together. EF EVE Creator enables professionals to do most of the work in a consistent workflow – increasing the quality of volumetric video.

Watertight Meshing enables to close gaps in the surface. Optimise your volumetric videos with smooth and detailed surfaces.

Our automated process enables to convert raw depth data produced by Azure Kinect into meshed surfaces. Meshing takes time and should be done in post-production to attain the best quality. User can choose to optimize and export data as an original mesh or to use watertight mesh to close holes created by blindspots.

sectionn image
sectionn image

Filter out inaccurate points and select how many you want to leave. Use volumetric video point reduction, filtering and pointcloud raycasting features.

EF EVE™ Creator enables to filter pointcloud from noisy and inaccurate data. The reduction of points helps to optimise content for performance on any device, web or AR/VR applications. Poincloud raycasting works in combination with other post processing features to improve the quality of your 3D content.


Modify volumetric video color scheme by applying a unique image texture on top. Use color filters creatively to alter the end result.

Custom image filter will apply a unique image on to the RGB camera frames. Depth map visualization will enable users to show the changes in depth data.

sectionn image
sectionn image


Volumetric capture with multiple Azure Kinect cameras can produce multi million size pointclouds. Decide what to take out and what to leave in post production.

3D eraser is great to remove the ground area in the capture stage. Also using multiple 3D erasers enables to sculpt out the desired pointlcoud area with great precision.




It is easy, fast and reliable to work with our patented Depth Engine and EVE format. As soon as you ready to move your content to 3rd party apps you can export it to industry standards. Learn more here.


Our API enables to move fast in UNITY and UNREAL development

Try out our latest VFX filters and materials in Creator before exporting your volumetric videos to Unreal or Unity. Develop games and experiences with our easy to use api.



Timeline tool is for adding and controling multiple 3D camera setups

With different EF EVE Creator subscription plans you will be able to add as many as ten cameras. We provide tools to manage, edit and inspect every file in detail. During the years spent creating volumetric video software we learned that most important part in production is to stay in control with all your data comming from the 3D cameras.

Add multiple cameras importing files from Volcapp. Each file can contain one or two cameras.

Single camera has depth, RGB and 3D pointcloud frames. To simplify the usability a different color can be assigned to each camera. Color highlights the data all across the software to the 3D pointcloud visualization.

sectionn image
sectionn image

Simply drag frame position to synchronise all cameras. Trim front and back to select the content you want to export.

Timeline is directly linked with 3d visualization and 2D images window. When you are testing the recorded set of files it can get messy. This is when a combination of tools comes in. Turn the obstructing cameras off, select a sharp color scheme on the others and go a frame by frame to fully inspect specific areas of your recording.



EF EVE™ Products for Complete Volumetric Video Workflow

We have you covered when it comes to Volumetric Video production.



Volumetric Video Use Cases – We’ve got you covered!

Let’s dive into some of the most popular Volumetric video use cases.


AR & VR Content


Location Based Entertainment


VFX Workflow


Film & Storytelling


Higher Education



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Our support team works around the clock to assist you whenever you have a question. Drop us a message or have a look at our Help Center: Tutorials, FAQs, Troubleshooting.

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