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Volumetric Video which instantly supports Web, Mobile, VR, AR

EF EVE™ developed a volumetric capture software that records object in real time and requires no post-processing. With one push of a button you have a full two sided volumetric video that you can export to .OBJ and .PLY sequence by using our Creator app. Or right away take advantage of easy editing tools, existing VR functionality and embeddable 3D container on our Platform. Capture volumetric video, apply VFX, post processing, geometry decimation, gap-closing filters and your work is ready to be shared with the World. Creating most magical content for Web, Mobile, VR and AR  has never been easier !

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EF EVE™ Volumetric Capture features

We are aiming to bring the functionality you need while keeping easy to use experience.
volumetric video can be captured with kinect v2 or intel realsense
1 or 2 Kinect Azure, Kinect v2,
Realsense 415/435
1-2 sensors on a single PC
switch volumetric capture resolution from LD to HD
Switch from low to high resolution
Automatic sensors calibration
Real time capture and live-streaming

Volumetric capture requires thousands. Not anymore.

High quality volumetric capture can be achieved by using EF EVE ™ software. It allows you to run 1 to 4 sensors (Azure Kinect, Kinect v2 or Intel RealSense) on 1 or 2 PCs giving access to an easy to use and affordable solution. Automatic sensors calibration functionality allows within seconds to have musician, athlete or an actor as volumetric video recording. Than you can export it into Unity, Maya, 3D Max or use it on EF EVE Platform.

You can learn more about our pricing and functionality here.

EF EVE™ Volumetric Capture supports Azure Kinect, Kinect v2 and Intel realsense.

Real-time Capture and Live-streaming

EF EVE™ allows instant volumetric capture and real time render.  Also, dues to its market leading compression and Depth Codec you can stream your volumetric video live into VR, AR, Mobile and Desktop. Have a look how it is done.


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Get your volumetric capture studio just by using 1-4 off-the-shelf sensors such as Azure Kinect, Kinect V2 or Intel Realsense 415/435 .

Proprietary EF EVE™ Depth Codec

In comparison to other available 3D data compression products EF EVE™ Depth Codec is the most advanced solution on the market. It allows you to stream live volumetric video into Web, VR and AR. More info can be found here.


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