The Smoking Room

**Welcome to [The Hallwyl Museum]( in Stockholm, Sweden.** Once the home of [Walther]( and [Wilhelmina von Hallwyl]( On festive occasions the gentlemen sat here after dinner, smoking cigars and talking. On regular days, however, this was the family sitting room, where they gathered to drink coffee and play board games in the evenings. The smoking room is inspired by the [Orient]( It was common in the late 19th century to decorate with oriental features and the room is typical for the ideals of the time. The style is associated with [colonialism]( and militarism and was therefore considered to be appropriate for a room for gentlemen. The walls are clad in silk which was meant to give the room a feeling of an officer's tent. ![]( The images for this project were captured using an [array]( of four Panasonic Lumix GX8 cameras.

Thanks for the original asset creator : The Hallwyl Museum (Hallwylska museet)
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Feb 1st, 2019
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