Street art-ed Louvre

Quite proud of myself for this 3D scan vandalization ! ![Imgur]( (2M tris) from Benoit Rogez. The statues were extracted from the original high resolution mesh by quickly cutting them in blender. They were then roughly remeshed with mmgs to get smooth surfaces. The room model (very basic) was made from the original scan, trying to stick to the main dimensions. More elements should have been added to add to the sense of realism, and more complex materials than just basic textures should have been used to break the surfaces uniformity. Dirt and beer cans on the ground would have been appropriate too... However the graphs look fine, but much artifacts remain on normal mapping + texture bleeding between UV seams. Textures are 4K, and the model is not optimized at all, so the loading time might get a bit long... Plus: I need to make more screenshots.

Thanks for the original asset creator : Loïc Norgeot
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Feb 1st, 2019
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Scan - Environment
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France, Paris
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