Rempart Walls scenery 1 - Fougères castle

Date published: Apr 25th, 2019

around 300 shots Panasonic GF7

Fougères - Britanny - France

Here is a second little place in the remparts of Fougères next to the castle. Still some parts with low res but overall it looks kind of ok. Very nice place to shot.

It is part of one bigger project in link with this two big parts :

Rempart scenery 1 - upper part :

Rempart scenery 2 - lower part :

Feel free to post any comment in order to improve it.. I’m still a beginner!

Edit : Put the scale right in VR / add the link to the draft of the bigger projects

Thanks for the original asset creator : noxfcna
Category: Architecture
Type: Scan - Environment
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