Rare Studio - Summer Day

Last time we saw the studio was in the dead of winter. Now that the trees are in full leaf, I wanted to capture not only the effect of the last several weeks of blistering heat on the grounds, but also a much wider and more ambitious survey - taking advantage of the foliage being easier to mesh now that it's no longer bare. I had been waiting for a few days for a lunchtime with as little breeze as possible, to get the foliage as accurate as I could get it. This is generated from approximately 2400 frames extracted out of half an hour of 4K footage. Part of the model textures have more contrast than the rest - this is because after taking the footage I found that the first few clips did not have the correct colour profile applied. RealityCapture did a good job of blending the different colour profiles together, however!

Thanks for the original asset creator : 9of9
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Feb 2nd, 2019
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Scan - Environment
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