Photography of Chris Staring @ the Henley Club

Date published:
Apr 25th, 2019
Scan - Environment

For the month of July I am exhibitiing some of my photography at this great art club in Rankins Lane in Melbourne.

After visiting the club I realised it would be the perfect opportunity to use Photogrammetry (3D scanning) to recreate the space in Unity and plan the exhibition in Virtual Reality first to figure out what to print in 1:1 scale.

This scan is the result of that project and the layout you see here is how the final gallery was setup. The scan isnt perfect, however it was more than enough needed for the purposes of planning the gallery in VR.

I will soon be posting a video showing the process of capturing the space, setting up, and interacting inside the Virtual gallery in VR, but until then you can see the space and artwork here.

HD is recommended!

Thanks for the original asset creator : SkareMedia
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