Panels 8-11, SW Palace Nineveh

Stone wall panel relief in four parts: the system of fortifications of the city, Alammu, built on an artificial (?) mound, depended on independent towers surrounding the mound, and an acropolis with a double wall. A strong gateway guarded the main approach up the incline. Archers shoot at the whilst spearmen work their way towards the walls. The Assyrians have already captured the towers, but have not yet developed the assault on the acropolis, and the outer wall is still being defended, though some of the garrison appear to be surrendering. The towers are of two forms, one simple, the other stepped in such a way that an upper 'storey' is entered from the roof of a projecting extension of the lower room. The dress of the inhabitants indicates that town was located in Turkey or Iran. 700BC-692BC South West Palace, Nineveh, Room XIV (K) panels 8-11 Height: 246.38 centimetres Length: 582.93 centimetres 348 photographs in variable light, Sony A6000

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Feb 2nd, 2019
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United States, Nineveh
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