Date published: Apr 25th, 2019

Located in Kerlouan in France, this building was first hosting militiamen and guards tasked with contraband monitoring and coastal defense, and was surrounded by a small village - the hamlet of Meneham - which hosted farmers, fishermen and seaweed harvesters.

The last inhabitants left the village in the 1970’s, which then felt to ruins, and was restored in the early 2000’s.

As I have no drone, the scanning of this location involved quite a bit of rock climbing, but I grew up near this lace, and already knew my way around the massive granite boulders !

I took 526 pictures (Canon Eos 1100D), from which 445 were used for the reconstruction in Colmap and OpenMVS.

The post-processing was done in Blender, where I had to fill in many holes and manually sculpt and paint the top of the biggest rocks. The model was finally remeshed and baked to a lighter version with BakeMyScan.

Thanks for the original asset creator : Loïc Norgeot
Category: Cultural Heritage & History
Type: Scan - Environment
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