Lindisfarne: Anglo-Saxon Name Stone v1

![]( A small, round-headed sandstone marker, commonly known as a name stone, dated to the mid-7th to 8th century AD, placing it firmly in the period of Lindisfarne’s first monastery. The face of the stone is carved and some letters are clearly visible. Experts are still deciphering the text, but it appears the name of the monk commemorated on the stone ended with the letters ‘FRITH’, which is a common element of Anglo Saxon names. The stone is typical of a small group of markers found exclusively on Lindisfarne, of which only 13 have previously been found. **See also** this version with artificial texture to enhance surface detail: Photography & 3D modelling by Hugh Fiske for DigVentures. Get involved at

Thanks for the original asset creator : DigVentures
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Jan 3rd, 2019
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