Holm of Papa Westray North, Neolithic Cairn

This model depicts a Neolithic rectangular stalled burial cairn on the Holm of Papa Westray, Orkney used around 3600-2800 BC. The tomb is constructed of local flagstone and measures 11.8m long by 6.3m wide; extensive stone robbing has left the monument surviving just 0.9m high. The rectangular mound encases a chamber measuring 4.8m long by 1.7m wide, which has been divided into four stalls by upright stone orthostats. This monument was excavated by George Petrie in the 19th century and by Anna Richie in 1982-3. The remains of at least eight individuals were recovered along with large number of artefacts and a rich faunal assemblage. The artefacts include 45 deposits of pottery (including Plain Bowls, sherds of Grooved Ware and Beaker), flakes and coarse stone tools and bone artefacts (including a bead, points and a whalebone object). The faunal assemblage included animal bone, deer tines, bird and fish bone and shell fish. For more information visit CANMORE: http://canmore.org.uk/site/3243

Thanks for the original asset creator : Dr Hugo Anderson-Whymark
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Feb 1st, 2019
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United Kingdom, Orkney
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