Draft 2: La Trobe Reading Room (SLV)

This is a slightly different WIP from the first one in that it's been decimated using Instant Meshes followed by cleaning up the floor in MeshMixer. Some parts of the floor were slightly higher in the model and still remain above the "new" floor which was created using a plane cut in MeshMixer. Detail in the desk and chairs is greaty reduced as I just wanted to get an overall idea of where I needed extra images for a second shoot (upper walls and ceiling from tha balconies) in a couple of days. The artefacts on the outside of the rrom are largely due to noise/errors relating to the angle of the cameras. Image count is up to 908.

Thanks for the original asset creator : UoM Digitisation Centre
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Feb 2nd, 2019
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Scan - Environment
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Australia, West Melbourne , La Trobe Street
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