Depiction of the construction of a Lamassu

Gypsum wall panel relief: showing a sculpture of a winged bull for Sennacherib's palace. Depicted is a scene of royal inspection; the king stands in his rickshaw, a chariot pulled by two servants and watches the work; another servant fans him, and a fourth holds a sunshade over his head. There relief bears an inscription written in cuneiform script. Three deer, and a wild sow with her young are hidden in the reed thicket behind. Found in Sennacherib's South West Palace, Court VI (I), Nineveh. Dating to 700 BC - 692 BC Far left panel dimensions: height: 203.2 centimetres width: 199.39 centimetres An inscription on this set refers to the transport of colossal bulls from Balatai to Nineveh. Created from 229 Sony A6000 photographs, processed in Agisoft Photoscan pro, simplified in Meshlab.

Thanks for the original asset creator : danielpett
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Feb 2nd, 2019
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