Cinema Movie Projector AP5 - 1961

Raw scan made on cinema movie projector that is standing in Kijów Centrum Cimena in Kraków, Poland It was used for 35mm tape. Produced in the 1961 by Łódzkie Zakłady Kinotechniczne in Poland. The projector was designed for cinemas with rooms up to 1000 seats. It was then one of the most popular models used in Polish cinemas

The projector was equipped with an aspherical mirror with a diameter of 356 mm and a focal length of 120 mm. The standard lens provided by the manufacturer was Polkinar 1.8 / 100

The basic equipment of the projector was an optical sound reading system with two exposure bulbs - one in the working position, the other one in reserve (both fixed in the rotating holder, which allowed for exchange without interrupting the projection). In addition, the projector could be equipped with a 4-channel magnetic sound pickup

The projector was powered by a three-phase asynchronous motor. The engine was started using an automatic starter. MusicInfo: Piano by AShamaluevMusic

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Apr 5th, 2019
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