Krzyztopor Castle

Date published: Feb 18th, 2019

Krzyżtopór (Polish pronunciation: [kʂɨʂˈtɔpur]) is a castle located in the village of Ujazd, Iwaniska commune, Opatów County, Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, in southern Poland. It was originally built by a Polish nobleman and Voivode of Sandomierz, Krzysztof Ossoliński (1587–1645). The castle was partially destroyed during the Swedish invasion known as The Deluge in 1655, and then reduced to ruin during the war of the Bar Confederation by the Russians in 1770. wikipedia

coordinates: 50.713900, 21.310600

photogrammetry from video

Thanks for the original asset creator : Spogna
Tags: castle scan
Category: Architecture
Type: Scan - Environment
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Beautiful work :)
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