The cabin in the spooks #Haunted2018Challenge

![]( An experiment for the [Haunted House challenge](, based on a poster for the horror movie "the Cabin in the Woods". Each piece of wall was extracted from nice 3D scans (mainly from @shapespeare ([this station](, @johngreenstone ([this cabin]( and [that one]( and @Mario_Wallner ([prehistoric house]( and "normalized" to squares before being baked to a simple geometry for the house. The roof-part also comes from the prehistoric house scan. But [this crow]( from @cmp_innovation_studio is the real MVP... The background image was made in GIMP, and lots of post-processing filters helped in giving the final look. This model was made to be a WIP, but I deleted some elements in the process, therefore making it "final"... Make sure to turn on HD textures

Thanks for the original asset creator : Loïc Norgeot
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Feb 1st, 2019
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