Kokura Castle

Date published:
Feb 1st, 2019
Model - Environment

This 3D data of Kokura Castle was made using photogrammetry. This is Avatta's first attempt in using drones to make high quality 3D architectural scan. We have photographed over 1500 images from all directions and the data was processed using Agisoft Photoscan. Kokura Castle of Kitakyushu, Japan was built by Hosokawa Tadaoki in 1602. It was the property of the Ogasawara clan (from Harima) between 1632 and 1860. The castle was burnt down in 1866 in the war between the Kokura and Chōshū clans. Mori Ogai was based at the castle at the turn of the 19th-20th century when it was a military base. The keep was reconstructed in 1959, and the castle was fully restored in 1990. The Matsumoto Seicho museum and castle garden were opened in 1998. The old Japanese-style pre-Brunton lighthouse from Shirasu is in the castle grounds.

Thanks for the original asset creator : AVATTA
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