Huge Rocks Las Piedrotas, Tapalpa, Mexico

Date published: Feb 1st, 2019

Updated model with better topology, notmal and specular maps. Located in the southern area of Jalisco, Mexico, the magical town of Tapalpa is a must-see destination for those who like the forest, the mountains and adventure. As its name implies, this place is formed by a set of rocky formations of an unusual size whose origin is unknown, hence also known as the Valley of Enigmas. When you arrive you will feel tiny at your side, but we recommend trying to climb so you can admire the scenery from above. This part of rock formation is about 60 meters wide and 25 meters tall. For reconstruction 110 photos were used from a DJI drone and Canon T6s with 24mm Stm lens. ![](

Thanks for the original asset creator : GSXNet
Category: Nature & Plants
Type: Photorealistic Model - Environment
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