Dragon statuette

Date published: Feb 1st, 2019

 The object was first remeshed with mmgs (3.1M to 156k tris). From this "intermediate" LOD, the pointy parts were extracted (head, horns, teeth, claws...) and remeshed together, separately from the rest of the object, remeshed to a lower resolution. The grand total is 15k tris (that makes it a 0.5% ratio) The parts were then merged together and UV unwrapped (should have done it by hand on this model to get a better texture coverage). The material was then created from a mix of PBR textures, augmented with the original color of the object in places. The 4K textures might be overkill for this model. 

Thanks for the original asset creator : Loïc Norgeot
Tags: statue dragon
Category: Art & Abstract
Type: Photorealistic Model - Object
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