Volumetric Live-Streaming

Stream Yourself into Virtual Reality

Want to host volumetric video event?

Now you can do that with EF EVE™ live-streaming function!

To begin, start EF EVE™ application and log in with your account. There are two ways to live-stream yourself to others.
You can choose to stream directly to someone. For that in the top left corner enter the IP address of the receiving computer or the email of the other EF EVE™ account and click Start a new live stream.

You can stream to many computers at the same time and let them join your performance or discussion. Just click the blue door in the top left corner, when it turns red, the stream has began.

Volumetric video live-streaming for public in social events:

Start typing to see search results

Try "photogammery", "diorama", or "dinosaur", for some cool results.