Use Cases

Volumetric Video applications are limitless. Here we have some of the use cases:


Volumetric Video captures real world object and people to create safe and interactive way to learn and share. It  You can live stream full 3D lessons or explore prerecorded volumetric video classes in virtual, augmented reality and on desktop.


Streaming live volumetric video gives access to one on one training sessions doesn’t matter where they are. It brings real time communication, it isn’t static and doesn’t limit your view, so poses are clear from every angle.


Volumetric video is being used in robotics, 3D printing, AI, etc.  Here is a case where volumetric video in combination with robotics was used to bring real time medical applications.


Volumetric Video is being used to brings the world closer together: Business meetings and conferences can be attended and experienced live in VR, AR or Desktop.


Attend concerts and performances without leaving your home. Volumetric Video allows you to experience the live and pre recorded events in VR, AR and Desktop.


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