Holoview Window

Replay volumetric videos

Replay your recorded volumetric videos by going in to Holoview window and pressing Rec tab than selecting the white folder icon.


After the volumetric video has begun to play you have the following options:

  • Pause the play
  • Stop the recording entirely
  • Switch playback loop on or off

Calibration in Holoview

If you want to do additional calibration or create a calibration file, all you need to do is to press the Start file calibration button.


After that you will see a new tabs appearing. You can calibrate both cameras using the same controls and method as you would do with regular calibration.


In this mode, you can choose to enable or disable Bounding Box, remove the floor from already recorded volumetric video.

And after you have finished all of the calibration and chosen the right settings you can press the export button at the bottom of the page and export your calibration file to your desired folder.


Start typing to see search results

Try "photogammery", "diorama", or "dinosaur", for some cool results.