Frequently Asked Questions

What are recommended PC requirements?
WINDOWS 10 operating system, CPU is Intel® Core™ i9 – 3.0 GHz or higher, 16GB RAM, SSD, NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1080 series or better.

What cameras do I need to start filming volumetric video holograms?
Right now we support XBOX Kinect v2 with PC adapter and Intel Realsense D415 and D435. 

How much internet bandwidth EF EVE™ streaming takes?
When streaming one person from 2 Kinect cameras it takes up to 2mbps.

I connected my kinects to PC, but the software doesn’t see it. What is wrong?
You need to download USB driver for Kinect. 

How can I export my 3D environment model to play it on EF EVE™ Unity Application?
We created short step-by-step video guide for you: 

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Try "photogammery", "diorama", or "dinosaur", for some cool results.