Cameras Setup

Recommended angles and distances

Setting up two Kinect cameras might sound difficult, but in reality it’s simple. All you have to do is follow some guidelines.

We recommend using light stands, it will give you more stability. But if you don’t have them don’t worry, just place the cameras at the height of about 1.7m – 1.8 m on a solid surface.

It’s important that the camera would be placed vertically, and the lens would be located at the top.

 The camera’s angle should be between 90 degrees and 75 degrees as shown in the picture.

For best performance and quality we recommend placing your cameras opposite of each other and ensuring that the distance from the middle (the area that is your recording space) would be at least 0.6  meters and not more that 4 meters.

We recommend placing cameras 2.4 meters away from your recording area.


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