Subscription & Billing


If you would like to subscribe to EF EVE Platform license go to your profile settings and choose Subscription & Billing tab. Enter your Credit card number, name on a card, expiration date and CVV.  Choose subscription type (Pro license, Premium license or Business license) and billing period (Monthly or Yearly).

Note, that if you choose Yearly billing period, you will save up to 40%. 

When you are done click the Subscribe button. One licence per one PC.


If you would like to update your current subscription, choose the license type under Update Subscription. And click Update Plan button. 

To cancel subscription click Cancel subscription button.

Billing & Invoices

To get the invoice, first of all, enter your billing details under Billing info tab. This information will only be shown on the invoices.


To download generated invoices, click the Download button under Invoices tab. 

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