Getting started

Can I register with my Facebook account?
Yes, you can signup with Facebook, Google or create account manually. 

How can I change my email address?
If you would like to change you email, please contact us.

Subscription & Billing

What are the payment methods?
Currently you can pay for licenses with your debit card. To find out more visit Subscription & Billing.

What is the pricing?
The price of the subscription depends on the license type. It is from 10 $ to 249 $ per month. 

Uploading & Editing 3D Assets


What is volumetric video?
Volumetric Video is the process of capturing moving people and objects of real world with depth. They can be viewed from any angle at any moment in time.

What is 3D scanning?
3D scanning is a process of analyzing stable real-world objects to collect data on it’s shape and colour.

What is photo-realistic asset?
A photo-realistic asset is a 3D model that was created using 3D modelling software. It has realistic textures and it’s appearance is equivalent to a the real-world object.

What is the editor’s pick?
Assets that we feature as an example of a very high quality work.

How do I get my model under editor’s pick?
If you think that your model should be featured, please contact us.

If you didn’t find the answer to your question contact us.

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