Editing your Profile Settings

Dashboard settings

Public profile url, Your email: If you would like to change your public profile url and/or email, please contact us and we will change it: help@ef-eve.com

Your phone: Your cell phone number is optional and it is not shown publicly.

Your name: Users will see this name when they visit your profile or view your assets.

Your company: name of the Company you work at.

Address (your city, your country): The address where you or the legal entity you work for is registered. 

Your description: maximum 140 character 

User Type: Choose between business and personal.

Account Type: Choose the field you work in (3D scanning enthusiast, animator, …).

Social links: Connect to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin and Instagram accounts.

Content safety: Only if you are over 18 years old you can enable age-restricted content option. Please look at our Terms and Conditions for further information.

Avatar & Cover

You can change your avatar or cover image by simply clicking Choose file button and select image from your device (1 MB maximum file size).

For avatar image we recommend JPEG format and the size of 512×512 pixels.

For cover image we recommend JPEG format and the size of 1200×600 pixels.


If you would like to change your EF EVE account password click the button Change password and enter your current password then your new password. 


Start typing to see search results

Try "photogammery", "diorama", or "dinosaur", for some cool results.