Editing 3D Assets

Editing 3D Assets

You can easily upload, edit and share your 3D Assets with the help of our proprietary 3D Player. It can be accessed via “Manage Asset” menu by using 3D Editor button.


After pressing 3D Editor button, you’ll be prompted to our editor page.



At the top left corner you will find 4 buttons: Scene, Lighting, Post-Processing and VR. These buttons allow you to control your model environment, colors, VR settings and more.


Scene button contains 3 roll out buttons:  General, Camera, Background

  • General – straighten model with XYZ coordinates. Also, you can select Show advanced rotation which allows you to manipulate objects more accurately.


Under Straighten model setting you will find renderer selection tab, where you can select Classic or PBR rendering modes. Default value is PBR. Under renderer, you can select Shading type Lit or Shadeless.


  • Camera – in this tab, you can easily adjust your camera Field of view (FOV).

Field of view 50 degrees

Field of view 150 degrees


  • Background – Under background tab, you can choose environment that your model will be displayed in. This tab contains 3 options: Environment, Image and Colour. Once you have selected environment you’ll be redirected to environment windows where you can press Change button and you’ll be brought to lighting tab.


Not always environments are a great way to showcase your models. If you press on Image button you’ll be able to see several colourful gradient images. You can easily choose it by just clicking on the image.


If you’re not sure about what environment or image to use, you can select Colour button. There you can select any colour you want using HEX or RGBA colour settings.  



In the lighting menu, you have two rollout buttons: Lights and Environment.

  • Lights – in lights rollout bar, you can choose from 3 different lights: 0,1,2. Every light supports its own type of lighting. You can choose of 5 different types of lightning: None, Ambient, Direction, Point and Hemisphere.

Also you can manipulate intensity of lighting and adjust colours.


  • Environment – in environment tab you’re able to select HDRI environment and also adjust the brightness projected on the model.


Post Processing

Post processing menu allows you to add Vignette, apply Colour Correction and adjust Colour Balance on a render of your model. Post processing is an optional setting so you can turn it on or off.


  • Vignette –  inside rollout bar of vignette, you can change Darkness and Offset. Darkness – the level of darkness around the corners and Offset – smoothness of midpoint of vignette.


  • Colour Correction – it is used to adjust Brightness, Contrast, Gamma and Saturation of your viewer renderer.


  • Colour balance – this filter allows you to adjust Hue. If you feel that your model colours are a bit off, you can easily adjust it.



In our VR editor you can easily adjust World scale and Floor level so that in VR it would work the way you want.

  • World Scale – allows you to manipulate VR environment size so that your model would look as close to the real world scale as possible or  a lot bigger. It’s up to you.


  • Floor – sometimes you have to adjust your position in VR or turn off floors. Just select Display floor for teleportation flag, and you have floors, default value is invisible. Underneath Display floor for teleportation flag, there’s slider for changing height of VR floors.



In our editor, you can use XYZ, Transform axis, to adjust direction of lighting and VR Floors by simply dragging coordinates axis around.


To make your life easier, Directional light target point is fixed at the centre of object, so that you would not need to adjust rotation.


Saving Model and Creating Thumbnail

Click on Save Screenshot button, and then click Save and its done. It is important to save screenshot first because it’s the first image user will see in the platform.


After saving your model, you can exit editor by clicking Exit button.

If you encounter any problems with our editor or platform, please contact us via Help button in the up top right corner or email us at: support@ef-eve.com


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