Uploading 3D Models

Uploading 3D Assets

Click Upload button at the top-right corner next to your profile icon. You will be able to choose the file to upload. There are two ways of uploading your model: 1 – Drag & Drop, 2 – use Choose file button and select from your file explorer. After you selected the file press Continue.

Compressed ZIP files Upload

A great way to reduce file size is to use compression method of .ZIP. Compressed archive must contain all of the necessary files:

  • All necessary texture files(.PNG,.TIFF, .JPG, .TGA, etc.)
  • Material file, which comes after OBJ format (.MTL)
  • Main model file

Textures should be placed in subfolder. 


After pressing Continue button on prompted windows, you’ll be sent to Upload New Asset page where you are able to tell more information about your 3D asset. In the menu, you can add name, description, tags, licensing type, category, and if you’re uploading 3D asset which is not yours – add original author’s name. Select Asset type: if it’s Volumetric video, Scan or Photorealistic model. There is also selection of sub-type of asset,: object or environment. Don’t forget to use Private and Age restricted content buttons. Depending on the size of the model it might take a bit of time to process it.



We provide unique function called “Geolocation”. Pressing on Add geolocation button, you will be able to pin your scanned environment location on an actual map!


You have two ways of pinning your environment location on the map. First, typing address information under Geolocation section. Second, pinning it directly on the map. Under Spatial position tab, select type of your scanned environment.


After finishing your 3D asset description, press continue and you’ll be prompted to your model page where you can edit 3D Settings, description and Publish your model.




Start typing to see search results

Try "photogammery", "diorama", or "dinosaur", for some cool results.