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Step 7: Volumetric Video Recording

After you’ve calibrated cameras, adjusted the pointcloud filters and colors and applied the bounding box, you can now record your volumetric video. Seems like a lot of work for one volumetric video? Don’t get scared – you can do many volumetric videos with the calibration you just did. Next time you turn on EF EVE™ VolCapp, all this work will be saved and you can record a volumetric video with the same calibration!

Make sure that after calibration you do not touch or move neither cameras nor the cables in your capture stage – otherwise you will have to do the calibration again.

  • To record volumetric video open the Recording tab at the top right corner, set the duration of your video and a timer if you want to record yourself (after you click the Record button, you will need a few seconds to go to the Capture Stage):
Recording volumetric video on EF EVE VolCapp
EF EVE™ volumetric video recording

If you’re recording someone else, you don’t need to use timer and duration. If you’re recording yourself, set the timer and duration (it will stop recording after the time you set), click record and go to the capture stage.

  • Click the Record button, record a volumetric video and click the stop recording button:
Record volumetric video EF EVE VolCapp
Volumetric video recording on EF EVE™ VolCapp

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Updated on January 30, 2020

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