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Step 6: Volumetric Capture Color Controls

Your volumetric capture may also need to have some colors adjusted – it makes your pointcloud look more realistic. There are two possible features for controlling the pointcloud colors. One is specifically for Kinect Azure depth cameras and the other one is for Kinect 2.0 and Intel Realsense depth cameras.

We will introduce the Kinect Azure Color Controls, but the principle of applying it on other depth sensors is the same.

Kinect Azure Color Controls

If you are using Kinect Azure depth cameras, you can edit color variations of your volumetric capture. It helps to correct the light and saturation balance to make the video look as natural as possible.

  • In Calibration menu, scroll down to the Kinect Azure Color Controls section and move the slide bars to adjust the colors of your pointcloud:
In the Kinect Azure color controls section you can easily adjust the color of your pointcloud.
Kinect Azure color controls allow you to adjust the volumetric capture color
  • If you are capturing with two cameras, select another camera and match the sensor colors to the one you’ve already done.

Color Filters

You can find the Color Filters feature just a little bit down from the Kinect Azure Color Controls.

  • Select the sensor and edit colors by moving the slide bar.
Color filters for Kinect 2.0 and Intel Realsense depth cameras
Pointcloud color filters
  • Match the colors from one sensor to another

That’s it! Your pointcloud is prepared for recording.

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Updated on February 5, 2020

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