About Us

EF EVE is a platform dedicated to photogrammetry, volumetric video and photo realistic assets.

It allows easy publishing, editing and sharing of your 3D scans and together with its volumetric video capture functionality gives access to a full volumetric ecosystem. The tools are designed to support specific industry needs and the web based player gives accessibility across every browser, operating system, desktop and mobile as well as virtual reality headsets. It is a one stop solution for businesses and professionals working with photogrammetry, volumetric capture and photo realistic assets.

The company was founded in 2015 by a brother and sister, Agnis and Ieva. As of that day the company has grown to have many computer vision, web, VR, AR specialists and became one of the leaders in volumetric video software. But the passion and vision stayed the same: we want to create an ecosystem and bring tools which empower people to publish and capture full physical 3D volume of real objects, places and help to make use of it in a digital format.

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